Tangerine Dreams


Product Details

Influenced by the surrealist paintings of Salvador Dali Gary Walton’s work depict ethereal scenes, blurring the lines between whimsy and reality. Much of his work started as dreams,images seen in his sleep and then translated onto canvas with astonishing clarity. Despite having resided inland over recent years, Waltons affection for the coast is evident in many of his works, with boats, beach huts and lighthouses a recurring motif. Whimsical buildings inhabit the rolling hills of his landscapes, providing both the audience and artist with a means to escape to his fantastical locations.

Printed on 400gsm fine art canvas, each print is then bonded to 3.5mm board and varnished to replicate the look and feel of an original painting. This is called block mounting. Each print is individually signed and numbered by Gary and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

Size framed :63.5 x 62.0cm