Correspondence Set – Flowers


Product Details

Pepin Press paper products are outstanding for their highly-illustrated appearance. Ranging from simple decorated writing noteblocks to oriental wrapping papers to do-it-yourself art kits for young and old, Pepin has it all. The company’s names originates from it’s owners name, Pepin van Roojen. He started a one-man graphic design and book production operation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1988. Many years later, the company moved back to Pepin’s hometown, Amsterdam, Netherlands, although the link with the Far East was kept intact, even a thousand titles later.

All of Pepin Press’ products are produced from their own archives. In the 30 years of their existence, they have built a huge archive of books, prints, decorative art originals, textiles and fashion items. In addition, an archive of tens of thousands of digitized, and often restored, patterns, ornaments and illustrations serves as a base from which their graphic content is selected.

Each box contains 10 sheets of 4 different designs (printed on one side), making up 40 sheets of A5 writing paper (150 x  210mm / 6” x 8¼”). Included are 20 matching envelopes (10 x 2 designs), 8 greeting cards (2 x 4  designs) and 25 assorted stickers and labels.