Ceramic Baubles


Product Details

Karo Art works with a selection of porcelain and stoneware clays to produce both functional and decorative pieces of ceramics. Her work is defined by basic forms that function as canvases for illustrations of whimsical and naïve quality. There is a certain narrative to Karo’s work that is hugely inspired by fables, myths, stories and influenced by magical realism; the spark of magic connects the real and the imaginary worlds.

karoArt’s pieces are often slightly imperfect, wonky, the illustrations ragged and hasty, leaving no doubt that each piece is made by hand with some of the emotions and characteristics of the maker transferred onto clay in the process.

Decorated with an image of a proud Robin holding a berry branch in it’s beak. The back of the bauble has a simple image of a winter berry branch.

Please note that each character is hand painted and unique.

The black doodles are in a striking contrast with pure white porcelain background, further enhanced by a pop of vibrant red.